Nino's Lightweight Bikes & Parts

Some of the finest parts for lightweight bikes....I am a weight-weenie myself and one of the few sources to get REAL WEIGHTS only ! I am specialized in building lightweight bikes and have a wide variety of lightweight items for sale...If you are interested or have questions just get in touch with me per E-mail and ask for my complete pricelist...

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B.O.R Disc Wheelsets XC/AM

Front to back:  
26" - 27,5" - 29"
All wheels come "tubeless ready" with B.O.R rimstrip installed
B.O.R front hub with 15mm through-axle
B.O.R front hub for regular quick-release
B.O.R rear hub black
B.O.R rear hub red
Tested and approved:
Lightweight + stiff wheels for real offroad machines !

B.O.R Wheelsets "Cold black"

Handbuilty disc-wheelsets using lightweight, eyeletted B.O.R rims, cnc'd B.O.R hubs, and Sapim Delite spokes.

German manufacturer B.O.R originally was doing the well known rims for FRM. Now they started their own business with sweet bike parts. Driven by excellence in mind and with a sense for light weight these products come with highest quality. They also have a technological partnership with TUNE.

Their "cold black"-line of wheels is suited for crosscountry, marathon and even light all-mountain ! They are light but still take a punishment.

B.O.R  MD7 front (115g for QR regular / 111g for 15mm ThroughAxle)
B.O.R  MD7 rear (222g for QR regular / 218g for 12mm ThroughAxle)

26": BOR 388 XMD (385g, eyeletted, tubeless compatible)
27,5":  BOR 388 XMD 27,5/650b (410g, eyeletted, tubeless compatible)
29": BOR 388 XMD 29er (420g, eyeletted, tubeless compatible)

Spokes + Nipples:
Sapim Delite (2.0-1.8-1.6.-1.8-2.0)
Aluminium nipples

Colour options:
Standard these wheels come all black but you also have several colour options to choose from:
Hubs and nipples are available in black and red
Rim colour options: black, red,white,blue

Verified weights:
27,5": 1525g

Rider weight limit:
100 Kilos

TITANIUM MTB Cassettes 10s !!!

BRANDNEW-Now available in black colour!!

Brandnew - even before SRAM offered their X.X 10s group i already had these sweet 10 Speed TITANIUM cassettes.

They are not only lighter than SRAM X.X but also much cheaper!

These Cassettes are designed like XTR/ Dura Ace: Aluminium Spider and Titanium Cogs. But unlike XTR/DA these actually have all cogs out of Titanium. The cogs have machined shifting ramps just like Shimano and allow for smooth shifts also under load.

I have 2 versions available:
-The standard version comes with aluminium spacers and a 11t cog out of steel

-The SL version additionally comes with a full titanium 11t cog and plastic spacers instead of the aluminium ones which saves ca. 7-8g over the standard steel cog

All cassettes come with aluminium lockring

11-32 / 10s (11-12-13-14-16-18-21-24-28-32)
11-32: 173g (177g including aluminium lockring)
11-32 SL: 167g (172g including aluminium lockring

11-34 / 10s (11-12-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34)
11-34: 183g (187g including aluminium lockring)
11-34 SL: 176g (180g including aluminium lockring

160 Euro (standard-Version)
180 Euro (SL-Version)

11-36 / 10s (11-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36)
11-36: 202g (206g including aluminium lockring)
11-36 SL: 194g (198g including aluminium lockring)

170 Euro (standard-Version)
190 Euro (SL-Version)

Interested? Just get in touch with me:

9s - 11/12-36 Ti MTB Cassette

11-36 / 12-36 Titanium Cassettes (9s)
Todays trend is leaning towards 2x9 / 2x10 drivetrains. So cranksets with just 2 chainrings up front. This however needs some careful selection of the rear cassette since you are giving up some of the overall gearspread you usually have with regular triple chainring setups like 22/32/44. Usually by going with double setups you loose some of the low gears which is the main problem for most of the people. With the current offerings you have just cassettes with up to 34t cogs which often is not low enough to compensate. Only the latest 10s components offer cassettes with 36t cogs. BUT the big manufacturers obviously forgot that still a vast majority is riding with 9s drivetrains. Some also don't want to switch to 10s and want to keep their 9s components. Also 29er bikes and all those with just a single chainring up front can now take profit of these new and lightweight titanium cassettes. With weights around 200g these are much lighter than even smaller XTR cassettes yet offer the bigger range you might look for.
These cassettes fit all Shimano and SRAM 9s drivetrains.

I offer them in different 2 sizes and 2 different versions with the following weights:
11-36 ( 11-13-15-18-21-24-28-32-36) : 202g (including lockring)
12-26 ( 12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36) : 215g (including lockring)

These cassettes have ALL cogs out of titanium except the final 11t / 12t which is still steel. Spiders and spacers are aluminium as well as the aluminium lockring which is included.

Lighter SL-version:
For the real weight-weenies out there i also have a lighter SL-Version with a final 11t / 12t cog out of titanium ( instead of the standard steel) and plastic spacers instead of the aluminium ones. These kits are sold ADDITIONALLY to the standard parts. So if ever the final Ti-cog should wear out you still have the standard one out of steel as a spare replacement.

With these modifications the weights are the following:
11-36 SL: 196g (including lockring)
12-36 SL: 208g (including lockring)

Standard-Version: 170 Euro
SL-Version: 190 Euro

Interested? Just get in tough with me per e-mail:

TITANIUM MTB Cassettes 9s

Brandnew, 3rd Generation:

These Cassettes are designed like XTR/ Dura Ace: Aluminium Spider and Titanium Cogs. But unlike XTR/DA these actually have all cogs out of Titanium. The cogs have machind shifting ramps just like Shimano and allow for smooth shifts also under load.

I have 2 versions available:
-The standard version comes with aluminium spacers and a 11t cog out of steel

-The SL version additionally comes with plastic spacers and titanium 11t cog ( Plastic spacers and Ti-cog are 8g lighter than the ones of the standard version!)

All cassettes come with aluminium lockring

11-30 (11-12-13-15-17-20-23-26-30)
11-30: 166g (170g including aluminium lockring)
11-30 SL: 157g (161g including aluminium lockring

11-32 (11-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32)
11-32: 175g (184g including aluminium lockring)
11-32 SL: 167g (174g including aluminium lockring)
(weight 08 XTR: 223g)

11-34 (11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34)
11-34: 188g (196g including aluminium lockring)
11-34 SL: 180g (187g including aluminium lockring)

160 Euro (standard Version)
180 Euro (SL-Version)

User comments via e-mail:
Thanks so much for the Ti cassette! It shifts better than my XTRs and Dura Ace.
It shifted EVERY shift faster and more solidly than I could ever have expected! Thanks so much!
Jim Thompson"

"Ciao Nino,
 ho provato il pacco pignoni e funziona molto bene, sono contento.

"Ich war am Samstag noch ein kurzes MTB-Ründeli drehen mit der neuen Kassette. Bin ziemlich begeistert.Habe halt riesen Freude an Deiner Kassette.... Ciao

 Cassette reçue, montée et testée. Super.
merci pour la qualité du service.
à bientôt

Here's a short video showing the cassettes performance on my bike. I didn't even clean the drivetrain before...shifts are smooth up and down!

Interested? Just get in touch with me:

TITANIUM ROAD Cassettes 10s

These 10s Cassettes are designed like Shimano Dura Ace: Aluminium Spider and Titanium Cogs. But unlike DA these actually have all cogs out of Titanium! Just the 11t is still steel.
For Shimano/SRAM cassettes i have a SL-version where the 11t steel cog gets replaced with a lighter Ti cog. This saves 4,5g !
All cassettes come with aluminium lockring.

Available ratios:
11-23 (11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23)
11-25 (11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25)
11-27 (11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27)

11-23: 114g ( 118g including lockring)
11-23 SL: 110g ( 114g including lockring)

11-25: 140g ( 144g including lockring)
11-25 SL: 136g ( 140g including lockring)

11-27: 140g ( 144g including lockring)
11-27 SL: 136g ( 140g including lockring)

11-23: 128g ( including lockring)
11-25: 154g ( including lockring)
11-27: 155g ( including lockring)

160 Euro (standard Version)

180 Euro (SL-Version)

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29" Wheels WR Compositi 1260g

29" clincher wheelset WR Compositi

Brandnew from italian high-end carbon manufacturer WR COMPOSITI:
One of the lightest available wheelsets for clincher tires (NO tubulars !). The italians produce this ultralight carbon clincher rim in-house and lace it to proven, german Tune King/Kong hubs using bladed spokes.

The result is a wheelset with unmatched weight. They accelerate super fast , are responsive , stiff and precise...what more can you ask for?

WR Compositi 29" Carbon clincher rim:
weight: 310g
outer width: 27mm
inner width: 20mm
Tubeless compatible !

Wheelsets are available with either 28 or 32 spokes

Wheelset weights:
with 28 spokes: ca. 1260g
with 32 spokes: ca. 1300g

from 1650 Euro 

interested? Need more details?
Just get in touch with me:

29" Fork WR Compositi AMT-1 29"

From left: 1-1/8" 60mm, 1-1/8" 80mm, 1-1/2" 100mm
Set at 80mm of travel on my own bike
Weights with uncut steerer vary between 1220-1245g

Lightest suspension fork for 29" bikes: 
WR Compositi AMT-29"

Still an insider tip but this fork has already won several races in Italy. Italian carbon manufacturer WR Compositi is specialized in doing sweet carbon parts for ROAD and MTB alike but not only - they are also are manufacturer of the awesome WRM 450 motocross machine! So they definitely know something about offroad chassis- and suspension setup !

Available with straight 1-1/8" or tapered 1-1/2" carbon steerer. The tapered carbon steerer assembly is just 21g heavier.

Fork with uncut 260mm carbon steerer including the wire of the lockout (15g), but without the bar-mounted lockout-lever itself (38g)

1-1/8" mit 60mm: 1235g
1-1/8" mit 80mm: 1232g
1-1/8" mit 100mm: 1224g
1-1/2" mit 100mm: 1243g

Remote lockout (lever only): 38g
Remote Lockout with uncut piece of cable housing: 50g
Expander: 16g
10mm of carbon steerer: 2,9g

My own fork with tapered 1-1/2" steerer (160mm long), without lockout and set at 80mm of travel weighs exactly 1211g

By the way: the lower carbon tubes are completely wrapped with transparent stickers.... removing those stickers with all those letters/logos saves another 16g !

The WR Compositi is airsprung and oil dampened. It has the damping all in the left leg. The right side is empty. It comes with a remote handlebar lockout but you can also run it without lockout to save further weight.

The damping characteristic can be adjusted in many ways:
-positive/negativ air pressure
-oil viscosity 
-oil level (which changes the progression towards the end of the travel) 

It has to be mentioned that the fork is very simple to work on. It can be disassembled and serviced by almost everyone who has some wrenching experience. 

With the WR Compositi you have the option to choose between 60mm, 80mm or 100mm of travel. You can order the fork with a specific travel or change it later on. This change in travel can be done by almost any biker itself. It's done in a couple of minutes only. You just need the correct lenght of piston inside. Changing the lenght of the travel not only changes the travel itself but also the overall lenght of the fork. This allows you to fine tune your ride. A shorter fork means a lower handlebar height and also makes for a slightly steeper, more agressive steering angle. Most 29" bikes suffer from too high handlebars and this is an easy way to get them lower. I personally think that especially on 29" bikes 100mm of travel are almost too much. On my own bike i even started with the 60mm travel but since the damping is so effective i almost forgot i had this minimum travel.

Effective fork lenght (axle to crown):
60mm: 470mm
80mm: 490mm
100mm: 510mm

It fits regular quick-release hubs
NEW for 2013: Available also for 15mm Through-Axle !!

The fork comes with PM (Post-Mount) only

This fork is not only superlight but also stiff and has awesome damping characteristics. As a former motocrosser i really appreciate this fork. I am just 1,72m tall and i really had a hard time to get my handlebar low enough on my bike. So i have it set at 80mm of travel. I personally set the fork on the stiffer side as i don't need it to soack up tiny ripples...that's where i have my tires with low pressure do the work. I set it up to soak up medium and up obstacles for technical singletrail riding. I can go very fast on downhill sections, its stiff, precise,tracks straight and allows me to brake late into corners soaking up everything in its way. I like the light and agressive feel such a light fork gives. Compared to a SID WC it's days and night. Here's two videos of me on some of my home-trails to get you an idea:
VIDEO 1 - Singletrails with WR Compositi AMT 29"
VIDEO 2 - Singletrails with WR Compositi AMT 29" 

From 890 Euro

Interested? Need more details? Just get in touch with me:

LIGHTNING Carbon Cranks/BB

---> ALL weights including the bottom brackets

This is the ultimate light-weight crank and bottom bracket set for weight weenies looking to shed some significant weight from their bikes, and who still want the strongest, stiffest crank possible.

The crank features carbon arms with an aluminum spider, joined in the center by a Hirst Joint (à la Campagnolo). The bottom bracket cups are secured by a genius knurled design to aid in the threading process, no superfluous installation tool required.

Look at the weights below and you'll understand these cranks are some of the lightest available on the market but cost a fraction of the competition that come at a +1000 Euro price tag.

These cranks are easily the most versatile:
- Lightning cranks can fit almost ALL bikes. 68-73mm BB width, or BB30...
You change your bike? No problem-these cranks will fit your next bike as well unlike the competition that sells specific cranks for every frame dimension.

- Lightning cranks can be outfitted with almost every kind of chainrings! The spider is removable/replaceable and there's several different spiders available to suit your needs. So if you want to change chainrings or your gearing later on this is the crankset to get as it allows you to convert from standard 130 BCD to compact 110 BCD (Road) or from Triple to Double rings in different BCDs (MTB).

REAL weights of Lightning carbon cranks:

MTB 68mm BB shell:
MTB-SL: 455g (cranks 175mm,68mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
MTB-HD: 485g (cranks 175mm,68mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)

MTB 73mm BB shell:
MTB-SL: 465g (cranks 175mm,73mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
MTB-HD: 485g (cranks 175mm,73mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)

Road 68mm BB shell:
Road-SL: 430g (cranks 170mm,spider 110 compact,ceramic bearings)
Road-HD: 450g (cranks 170mm,spider 110 compact,ceramic bearings)

BB30 bearings: -5g/pair !
Steel bearings: +10g/pair
SL-Version: Weight limit 100 Kilos / 220 lbs
HD-Version: Weight limit 127 Kilos / 280 lbs ! All cranks from 180mm up are HD.

I can offer "Extralite"-Versions with a lower weight limit which allows Lightning to make the cranks about 15-20g lighter than the regular SL-Versions:
"Lightning Extralite"
MTB-Extralite: 440g (175mm,68mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
MTB-Extralite: 450g (175mm,73mm BB,spider,ceramic bearings)
Road-Extralite: 420g (170mm,spider 110 compact,ceramic bearings)

Actual Q-Factor:
Road: 145mm
MTB 68mm: 158mm
MTB 73mm: 165mm

Available for:

Road 68mm (BSA), BB30
MTB 68mm - 73mm (BSA), BB30

Available Crank Lengths:
160, 162.5, 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180, 182.5, 185, 190mm

Spyder sizes:
Road 110 (compact), 130
MTB 74 double, 94 double, 64x104 triple/double (mounted reverse for optimal chainline!)
(This crankset uses an independent spyder design: Removable, interchangeable aluminum spyders)

Road 43.5 mm , MTB double 47.5mm, MTB Triple: 50mm

Patent awarded:

Specialized purchased the patent from Lightning and gave Lightning a license to use the design

Compatible with Quarq CinQo power spider (

Made in USA


To be able  to get you your final price i need to know your exact needs and wishes so please get in touch telling me: 
Road or MTB?
Crankarm lenght?
Type of BB and width? 68-73 BSA or BB30?
Steel or ceramic bearings?
Spider? Double or Triple?
Lightweight bots or standard bolts?
-thanks !

Please also ask for lightest chainrings!
I can offer FRM chainrings which are proven performers or also Superlight Chainrings...just look at them below!

Interested? Just get in touch with me:

FRM Pro Chainrings

FRM PRO Chainrings
These are amongst the lightest available rings on the market. They have a very good reputation for good shifting and durability.

Available for MTB and ROAD

-Made in Italy
-CNC machined from high quality 7075 light alloy
-Ramps and steel pins for optimal shifting precision
-Polished,anodized and laser etched

MTB rings are ideal also for 2x9 conversions.
2x9 Conversion-Kits include two chainrings & four red plugs/spacers which allow the rings to be mounted on the inner two positions on triple cranksets.
--->Suggested combinations: 26/40 or 27/42

MTB (64/104 BCD):
22t: 16g
26t: 26g
27t: 31g
32t: 27g
40t: 47g
42t: 50g
44t: 56g

ROAD (110 BCD, "compact"):
34t: 27g
50t: 75g

Interested? Just contact me direct: